Nearshore Software Development

Leverage Proximity and Expertise for Seamless Collaboration

Our nearshore model allows you to tap into a highly skilled talent pool located in close proximity to your business.

By choosing nearshore development, you gain the benefits of shared time zones, cultural alignment, and cost-effectiveness.

Our dedicated teams work seamlessly with your organization, fostering efficient collaboration and ensuring the successful delivery of your software projects. Experience the power of nearshore development and accelerate your digital transformation journey with Novatech!

Comparative Table

  • Time zone with Nearshore, Onshore
  • Distance with Nearshore, Onshore
  • Cost benefits with Nearshore, Offshore
  • Tech infrastructure with Nearshore, Onshore, Offshore
  • Cultural alignment with Nearshore, Onshore
  • Language & communication with Nearshore, Onshore, Offshore
  • Easier integration with Nearshore, Onshore
  • Higher level of engagement with Nearshore, Onshore



Same time zone enables real time collaboration

Working on the same time zone allows for increased collaboration between LatAm and U.S. employees.


Cost benefits

Our talent pool provides highly skilled and cost-effective resources, with rates around 50% lower than comparable U.S. engineers, without compromising on effectiveness or job quality.


Large talent pool of developers in LatAm

Access to a wide array of proficient individuals skilled in various technologies.


Seamless cultural integration

Strong English proficiency, good communication skills and cultural alignment (due to an Americanized economy) enables fast integration into onshore operations.